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Biometric Locker

Overview of System & Market Requirements

For many existing locker systems todate that uses traditional keys, there are issues with lost keys, stolen keys or a single key being able to open several lockers or system being subject to lockpickers. For security reasons, there are also times when all lockers need to be opened at one go for security checks(bomb checks, etc) and with traditional lockers, these lockers have to be opened one at a time which is very time consuming. For places such as SPAs, Swimming pool, Saunas, the idea of carrying a key with a number tag is rather inconvenient.

System Solution

iDLink offers a great solution to the above issue using Biometrics & no more keys to worry about. This solution requires the following components:

  • Fingerprint registration using iDLInk VPro for a standalone system or IDCube Desktop with fingerprint desktop reader

  • iDLink VPro fingerprint reader to control a Controller that can control up to 48 lockers.  All the iDLink VPro can be networked to control unlimted number of lockers spread over various sections or areas of the locker room. With a touch of a finger, a user can open his locker without carrying any key or number tag.  The system will recognize him and display his locker number on the iDLink VPro LCD screen as well as open the locker for him. To register his finger, the person can either register himself using the iDLink VPro or go to a reception or front desk to do his fingerprint registration. The iDLink system will automatically assign a unassigned locker for him to put his belongings. The next time the user comes back, there is no require to re-register if his is already enrolled on a networked Biometric Locker System.

Target Applications and Market

This System Solution is great for the following applications:

  • Lockers at Gym

  • Lockers at Spa, Slimming centre or Sauna

  • Lockers at Golf Clubs

  • Lockers at Airports

  • Lockers at Hospitals

  • Lockers at Libraries

  • Lockers at Factory Worker Quarters

Case Study

Mary Chia is a Asia Renowned Slimming Centre listed in Singapore with over 20 outlets. They also have branches in Malaysia and will be opening up centres in China. They are currently using iDLink Biometric Locker System for over 4 years and have been extremely satisfied with the system. The main reason for their implementation of this system was that their clients sometimes had their fashionable and costly bags stolen. As such, Mary Chia had to compensate for the lost belongings of their well-to-do clients. Eversince the implementation of iDLink’s system, theft cases have been reduced significantly to zero.

Biometric Locker / Keypress Solution


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