Biometric Rack Access

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Biometric Rack Access

Server Racks have been used to hold important data at data centres and other designated areas but often than not, only the logical access security have been addressed and not the physical security of the racks themselves.  Todate, there are more and more threats due to data leaks and theft and it is becoming increasingly important to secure server racks with accountability. 

We have come up with an ingenious solution to secure server racks that allows IT or rack managers  to track the audit trails of who accessed or serviced the racks.  The rack managers can also allow for the convenience of opening the racks remotely.  Email or SMS messages can be sent to alert IT or rack managers if a rack is compromised such as the rack door not being locked properly or being forced open, or simply left open. The solution also allows real time monitoring of the racks. 

For this solution, racks can be biometrically secured using our Fingerprint identification device.  If there are issues with the fingerprint, Card access can also be used as an alternative bypass  optional feature.

Key Features

  • 100% Secure Access Control for Server Cabinets
  • Time-tested Technology in a Reduced Footprint
  • Centralized Administration of Up to Thousands of Units
  • Able to control front and rear door of rack with fingerprint or card reader
  • Various Card Option - 125kHz EM, HID / 13.56MHz Mifare, Felica, iClass, HID, CEPAS (Option)
  • Superior Matching Engine - 1st rank in FVC (Fingerprint Verification Competition)
  • System Status Check  - LED indicator shows status of terminal (Red, Blue, Green)                                              
  • RF Card can also be used as an alternative bypass optional feature
  • Audit trails of who accessed the racks
  • Real time monitoring of the rack status
  • Identification method : Fingerprint and RF Card Identification

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