Nuance VocalPassword

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Nuance VocalPassword

Nuance VocalPassword is a biometric speaker verification system that verifies a speaker during an interaction with a voice application. VocalPassword supports text-dependent, text-independent and text-prompted technology. Totally language and accent independent, VocalPassword provides a secure, efficient and extremely convenient method to verify a speaker's identity.

Nuance VocalPassword is easy to deploy, seamlessly integrating with existing IVR and VoiceXML platforms. Designed exclusively to meet strict global security standards, VocalPassword has successfully passed independent security audits. Featuring state-of-the-art accuracy, VocalPassword is used to secure access to remote services, telephony and Web applications, effectively combating identity fraud and enhancing the customer experience.

Escalating incidents of identity theft, fraud and social engineering attacks continue to compromise existing data security measures. Traditional single-factor authentication approaches including passwords and challenge questions no longer provide the necessary safeguards for secure remote services. Biometric speaker verification technology uses the power of voice to provide the critical component in an effective multi-factor authentication solution. Nuance VocalPassword Reduce operational costs and fight fraud with secure automated speaker verification that is convenient and cost effective.

Vocal Password has been selected as the speaker verification platform of choice by leading financial services, telecom operators and security organizations, as well as IVR/voice platform vendors and system integrators worldwide.


  • Flexible multi-engine infrastructure supporting Text Dependent, Text independent and Text Prompted speaker verification
  • Language, accent, and ASR independent
  • Unsurpassed algorithmic accuracy proven by third parties
  • Web Service interface, VoiceXML, and MRCP support
  • Advanced administration and helpdesk tools
  • Integrated security supporting role based authorization
  • Multi-site scalability and high availability


  • Contact center cost reduction
  • Increased automation
  • Multi Factor biometrics security
  • Enhanced customer experience

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